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After working as an Associate to Mr Justice R.P. Meagher when he sat on the New South Wales Court of Appeal, a solicitor in private practice and a lecturer for the College of Law, Jennifer was called to the Bar in 2011.


Jennifer has a long held interest in Equity and Trust Law partly because of her time spent working for the late Meagher JA who co-authored the well-known text book "Equity Doctrines and Remedies" and co-edited "Jacobs' Law of Trusts".


Jennifer was privileged to assist the late Meagher JA in updating the Equity textbook during her time as his Associate.


Her interest in Trust Law has led her to having significant experience in the area of Wills and Estates, including matters involving litigation.  She is also keenly interested in taxation issues related to deceased estates and inter vivos Trusts.

Jennifer also has substantial experience in family law, including assisting clients at mediations and appearing in Court for mentions, directions, hearings and appeals.


But those are not the only areas in which Jennifer has an interest in law, and it was the result of following one of her other areas of interest which led to her completing a Master of Laws (Maritime Law) at the University of Queensland in 2003.


Having been in general practice as a solicitor, Jennifer has a broad practice at the Bar and is also regularly briefed in property disputes, contractual disputes, children and guardianship matters, as well as many other areas of the law. 


Jennifer also has a strong interest in promoting the idea that all people requiring legal assistance should be able to access that assistance, regardless of their financial position.


As a result, she had been an active member of the Queensland Law Society Access to Justice and Pro Bono Committee for many years and a volunteer at her local Community Legal Centre.


Besides her practice in law, Jennifer is a keen cyclist.  She admits to riding a road bike but insists it is only in an effort to keep fit for riding her single speed cross-country mountain bike.



She also is a member of QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art) and a founding member of QPAC's membership programme.  She enjoys the varied programs that both have to offer but regrets that she does not get to do so as often as she would like.


Jennifer is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and served on the Qld branch Committee for 5 years, ending in December, 2022.  She also is the Chair of the STEP Australia Policy sub-committee.


She is the current Chair of the Appeals Committee for the Virginia Golf Club, Brisbane.


Jennifer is also a Sessional Member of QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

Becoming an NMAS accredited mediator has been a long term goal for Jennifer and she is delighted to have achieved that early in 2023.





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